Sushia Izakaya and Bar, Perth CBD

IMG_2296 This Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I were busy with work, so we planned a date for a Thursday night at Sushia. When we walked down into the restaurant it was dimly lit, with a comfortable open space and a modern Japanese ambience. I liked how the kitchen was viewable by customers, and impeccably neat.


Never being to Sushia before, I decided to ask the Japanese waitress on what and how to order. She was very helpful and gave us a few suggestions that I was excited to try.


The drinks we ordered was an Asahi Super Dry ($10.5) and a Pure Passion Mocktail ($12), because I was driving that night. The Mocktail was a mixture of cranberry, raspberry, apple juice and passionfruit syrup, something fruity and tart.


The first dish that arrived to the table came from the Raw Bar, which was the Sashimi Santenmori ($18). A trio of raw fish beautifully presented on a bed of shaved ice consisting of Salmon, Tuna and Kingfish. The fish that night was very fresh, and just melted in your mouth.


From the In-House Sushi Menu, I chose the Kamo ($22), a Duck breast sushi with Yuzu miso dressing. This was one of my favourite choices that night as it was a change from the raw salmon sushi I normally order when going out. The duck breast was tender, served on small pillows of rice, just the right size for one bite.


The Soft Shell Crab Salad ($24) was a winner for my boyfriend, who enjoyed the combination of sweet watermelon with warm crispy soft shell crab, baby greens and amazu ponzu dressing.


Our waitress that night recommended the Hotate age ($28), deep fried scallops wrapped with kataifi and Japanese pickles. Kataifi is a shredded looking pastry, which when deep-fried created a good crispy exterior to contrast the delicateness of the scallop.


From the Robata Grill section, my boyfriend chose the 450g Rib Eye ($36), which came out medium rare as we requested. It was slow-cooked and served with three sauces, a black pepper, a jalapeño and a spicy sauce (which to me tasted like Korean soybean paste). Out of the three, the jalapeño sauce was my favourite, and I like how they cut the rib eye into bite-sized pieces, making it easier for the eater.


For dessert, I was super excited to try Sushia’s Dessert Tasting Platter ($42). That night it included Black Sesame and Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream, Chocolate Lava Cake, Tofu Cheesecake, Banana Wraps, Mango Sorbet and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. For us, the standouts were the Banana Wraps and the Chocolate Lava Cake.


I’m unsure if Sushia make their ice creams in-house, but the Mango Sorbet has got to be my favourite sorbet ever! It was different because there was bits of lime rind, making it taste very fresh, a good palate cleanser if eaten last.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the meal, the service was helpful and the dishes arrived promptly to the table. I would recommend it to anyone for future date nights, although it is pricey for those who expect larger portions. I would suggest to make a reservation for a nice occasion, and definitely don’t miss out on ordering dessert.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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