Fez Cafe, Mt Lawley

IMG_3570 After a productive morning, starting with class at University and some shopping in the city, Dan and I headed to Fez Café to meet up with our friend David. Fez Café sits on Walcott Street in Mt Lawley, and serves a variety of breakfast choices made in house.

To start off, the boys ordered some Long Macchiato’s ($4.50), while I had a Short Macchiato ($3.50). Fez uses a house blend called ‘Jasper’ by Darkstar coffee a local Western Australia roaster.


First came those fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes ($18), which David had ordered, along with a side of berry compote, mascarpone, maple syrup and strawberries. I only had a forkful to taste, but would probably return for this.


I was disappointed not to see their popular Panna Cotta on the menu, but opted for the Field Mushrooms ($21), which were delicious. It was a large portion of house beans, topped with the mushrooms, spinach, creamy fetta and two slices of garlic bread. This dish is a great winter warmer, but I definitely couldn’t finish it all by myself.

IMG_3578Daniel’s go-to breakfast is anything with Smoked Salmon or Avocado on it, so he chose the Smoked Salmon ($22) with corn & horseradish potato hash, spinach, lemon & herb sour cream and two lovely poached eggs on rye. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and he was satisfied with his choice.



Apart from great brunch, the service here is quick and ten points goes to the free one hour parking right across the café, such a plus when choosing a place to dine. I can’t wait to return, just to dig into those pancakes, or to try a warm bowl of rice and chia pudding.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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