The Modern Eatery, Fremantle

IMG_2705The Modern Eatery has recently opened their doors in Fremantle, a Japanese restaurant specialising in Aburi sushi (a method of light searing with a blow torch). On their soft opening, I brought my family down to try what the ‘House of Aburi Sushi’ had to offer. The interior of the Modern Eatery is small with a minimalistic feel, and an open view of the chefs freshly preparing our food. Our waiter for the night was Jason, whom we later found out is also part owner of the restaurant. He was friendly and extremely helpful in giving us some recommendations.


For entrée, we ordered the Crunchy Salad ($12), which is a green salad with Japanese sesame dressing and some fried carrot (or sweet potato?) on top. Although it sounds so simple it is flavoursome, and would be lovely as a side with an order of sashimi.


We also ordered a pot of hot Green Tea ($2 each) for the table, which I think was Genmaicha as it had roasted brown rice in it.


The Modern Eatery, serves a traditional style of sushi known as Oshi Sushi, where the rice is pressed into box shaped pieces. The Salmon Oshi Sushi ($16), has pressed salmon on rice, with an aburi sauce and capsicum to garnish.


Throughout the night, the dishes came to the table fairly quickly. Next we had the Fry Me to The Moon Roll ($15), which was apparently very popular during their lunch period. Made with a cream cheese, cooked salmon filling, sweet chilli mayonnaise and sweet soy. My Dad really enjoyed this roll as he loves tempura, and the outside of the sushi was crispy like a tempura batter. 


The Salmon Sashimi ($9.50), came in five decent sized pieces and there was the option to Aburi for $2. I overheard that their salmon is sourced from New Zealand rather than Tasmania, which is probably why it was much fattier compared to other Japanese eateries.


The dish that was not the best in terms of presentation, but definitely delivered in terms of freshness and taste is the Sumo Platter A ($55). A combination platter made of three types of Nigiri Sushi, a Salmon, Tuna and Scallop. It also has a Kamikaze Roll, which is made with Ebi Tempura, shredded crab meat, avocado filling, with aburi sauce and fish roe. The other smaller Uramaki rolls were your classic California roll, Veggie roll and a Sweet Potato Tempura roll. Overall, this platter was such a hit and all the pieces were gobbled up very quickly, the raw scallop was fresh and sweet, probably my favourite on the plate.IMG_2733

After all that, Mum still wanted to order something with Unagi and my Dad wanted to order some Tempura. We ordered the Baby Dragon Roll ($13), which is unagi paired with cucumber, avocado, and an unagi sauce.

IMG_2743We also ordered two servings of Zen ($10), which is an accompaniment to your main meal and is only available with a purchase of Oshi Sushi, Uramaki or Craft Roll. It consists of assorted tempura, a salad of the day and miso soup. The tempura was crispy on the outside and cooked well, although the salad had no dressing on it making it a bit boring, so there is room for improvement there.            IMG_2747

Update: I visited the Modern Eatery again for a second time, to take advantage of their 15% off opening special. The service and consistency was spot on, and the staff were very friendly enough to recommend more dishes.

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