N2 Extreme Gelato, Fitzroy

IMG_4700 Last year, my boyfriend and I planned a post-exams trip to Melbourne in November. Before flying off I prepared a list of the city’s ‘must tries’ and N2 Extreme Gelato was one of them. Available in Sydney and Melbourne, but unfortunately not Perth, these treats are made using liquid nitrogen and come in a variety of weird but wonderful flavours.


After visiting the Melbourne Museum that day, we walked over to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy known for their boutiques and cafes. The gelato scientists behind N2 have an ever changing menu, there is always something for both the fussy eaters and the adventurous types. On that day this ranged from simple flavours such as Mango Sorbet ($6) to an unconventional Strawberry & Jalepeno ($6).


Being a crème brulee fan, my boyfriend quickly chose the Milo Crème Brulee ($8) while I went all out and got the Ferrero Reveal ($10). In less than five minutes the staff served us the freshly prepared gelato.

The Milo Crème Brulee was smooth and creamy, and the burnt sugar top was just as it should be.

IMG_4698My Ferrero Reveal was definitely an ambitious size for me, and could be shared between two. This menu option had great texture with crispy rice bubbles and hazelnuts in the Nutella gelato, which was then topped with chocolate drizzle, a signature N2 syringe filled with warm ganache and finally a choc-dipped cone.


I love this place and the concept they have, because the menu is always changing, meaning there is always something interestingly different to try. Can’t wait to taste it again next time I travel east!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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