Mary Street Bakery, West Leederville

Well established in Highgate for their fried chicken pancakes and luscious salted caramel donuts, Mary Street Bakery now have a second spot for your brunch needs. Located on Railway Parade, neighbouring popular eateries such as Tracks and Hylin, this café offers a similar menu to the original location.

During a mid-week brunch my boyfriend and I made a trip to the new location for a morning bite. There was a good amount of seating inside, and also a few chairs available for outdoor dining. After a lengthy study of the menu, I chose the Veggie Baked Eggs ($19) while Dan went for the Salmon Pastrami ($24).

The eggs were baked with tomato, ancho chilli, greens and topped with crispy chickpeas and yoghurt. If you're a fan of Spanish baked eggs and shakshouka this would be the dish for you, and the crunchy slice of toast was perfect to dip into the sauce.

The cured salmon dish was a much fresher option, served with avocado puree, pickles, rye and mayo. The rye added a nice crunchy texture, and Dan was super pleased with his choice.

Dan also ordered an espresso which was too acidic, maybe because it was under extracted. Apart from that the food was great and the service was quick and efficient. I need to return ASAP for those fried chicken pancakes, and I would recommend everyone to try one of their fluffy salted caramel doughies.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Pearth Organic Kitchen, West Leederville

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has stuffed themselves silly with food and had an amazing festive season. Now that the holidays are over, it’s back to work, back to the gym and time to start a new diet. With #newyearnewme trending, how about a new café to fuel your healthy diet.

Pearth has just opened their doors for about a week, offering West Leedy a range of smoothie bowls and wholesome salads. What I like about this place is that they don’t serve food for just one particular diet. Carnivores can add a little bacon to their plate, and there’s something for everyone whether you’re gluten intolerant, vegan, vego or a meat eater.

Sourced from Fiori, Pearth serves organic coffee beans with a large range of milks; from full cream to soy, almond, coconut or rice. Black coffee is my go to, so I decided to try the Cold Drip Coffee ($5) served with tonic water it added a bit of sweetness and was light and refreshing, great in this heat.

My mum loves everything with avocado, so the Sourdough with Avocado, Hummus, Lemon and Pumpkin Seeds ($12) and added poached egg ($3) was the 'pearth-fect' option for her. Let me just say the hummus is delicious!

If you've been to The Raw Kitchen and tried their zucchini pasta, you'd find that the Zucchini Pesto Salad ($11) is just as yum. This was one of the salads available in the display fridge, so I'm not too sure if it's available all the time.

Although a little pricey, their smoothie bowls are definitely aesthetically pleasing. My sister went for the Green Smoothie Bowl ($17.5) a mixture of matcha, leafy greens, avocado, banana and almond milk, topped with house-made granola and a side of fruit. This green bowl didn't have a strong matcha flavour but had a very good thick consistency.

For a more filling option, go for the Macro Bowl ($18.5), brown rice, seasonal vegetables, avocado, hummus, dukkah and homemade dressing with an added poached egg ($3). Again a generous side of that delicious hummus, and a colourful array of vegetables which are nicely seasoned.

It's nice to find another cafe to add to the list of growing healthy and organic options in Perth. Although Pearth is a little on the expensive side, it can be justified in the freshness and quality of ingredients. Seating is also limited, so expect a wait to dine in or just get your salad to go.

Rating: 8 out of 10



Brown Brothers Cienna Sangria

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetThanks to Brown Brothers, I would like to share with you all a refreshing drink perfect for this summer weather. Lighter than a traditional Spanish sangria this cocktail is fresh and fruity, featuring Brown Brothers Cienna.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

So here’s what you need:

1 Bottle Brown Brothers Cienna, chilled

250mL ginger ale

1 large orange, sliced

2 cups strawberries, sliced

2 ripe yellow peaches, sliced

ice cubes and fresh mint leaves, to serve

Combine the fruits in a large serving bowl or pitcher. Add Brown Brothers Cienna, ginger ale and mix well. Serve with ice. Substitute any fruit to your taste.



Pure Glow Cleanse

Recently, I’ve been intrigued by juice cleanses and the raging phenomenon that is cold pressed juice. Pure Glow Cleanse was created by yoga lovers Jacqueline Forth and Annette Gohl, who currently pride themselves in providing one of the most popular juice cleanses in Perth.

Unlike mainstream juicers, cold pressed juices are made without heat and minimal exposure to oxygen, using a commercial slow juicing equipment. According to Pure Glow this means the juices retain 3-5 times more nutrients compared to regular juices.

On a Monday night, I was hand delivered my box of juices and put them straight into the fridge. Being fussy I chose to try a custom six-pack, and on the following day I decided to taste the juices just to see if I liked them.

The Juices

Sunrise Elixir: Lemon, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Filtered Water - This is normally the start of the Pure Glow juice cleanse, basically a pimped up lemon water. The lemon and aloe vera is meant to stimulate digestion and flush out toxins, while the cucumber rehydrates, de-stresses and reenergises.

Green Guru: Kale, Cos, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Mint, Lemon: The Green Guru was the first green juice I decided to try and this tasted similar to most of the other green juices I normally have. It has a bright flavour, and is quite filling full of B vitamins for energy and vitamin K for skin.

Good Karma: Carrot, Grapefruit, Green Apple, Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon - Of all six, this one was my favourite. Don’t be scared off by the turmeric I didn’t even taste it. They claim that Good Karma improves complexion and acts as an anti-inflammatory too.

Ruby: Beetroot, Cranberry, Coconut Water, Ginger, Lemon - Beetroot is said to help lower blood pressure, aid with sleep, muscles and inflammation. Although, not being a fan of it, I have to be honest this one was not my favourite.

Buddha Juice: Cucumber, Fennel, Green Apple, Lemon, Mint - This juice was very zesty and really had a zing about it. Each component in the juice helped towards improving skin, nasal congestion, digestion or blood sugar levels.

Limited Edition Watermelon Crush: Watermelon, Cucumber, Lime - Out of three limited edition juice this season, Pure Glow Cleanse sent me over this fruity wonder. A sweet concoction, and fun drink that’s also great for making your skin glow!

Thank you to Pure Glow Cleanse for sending me over these babies. Next step: seeing how my body reacts to a day of just juice. I definitely think I’ll need one after the holiday season!

tbsp., Bayswater

From the creators of Smuggled Seeds comes tbsp., a casual café serving great coffee and a creative brunch menu with Asian influences. My mum and I ventured to Bayswater just to check this new place out, and were greeted by friendly barista and co-owner Rob.

The people at tbsp. are serious about their coffee and use local Western Australian suppliers Blacklist Roasters, as well as the best milk from Bannister Downs. However that day our coffees were made from beans roasted by Small Batch, a Melbourne roasting company. My flat white came out perfect, and tasted divine. My mum was also very happy with her cappuccino.

For breakfast we decided to share two dishes, the Brisket benedict ($22) and the Chicken congee ($14). The servings were larger than what I assumed from social media, the brisket benedict was served with beer braised onions, slow-cooked eggs, hollandaise and ciabatta. The meat was cooked well and was the onions gave it a bit of sweetness.

Congee is a traditional rice porridge dish served in many Asian countries. At tbsp. it is served Indonesian style, with confit chicken, chicken crackling, coriander, spring onions and a slow-cooked egg. The crackling is basically deep fried chicken skin, and makes you feel a little guilty, but tastes so good!

On the way out we managed to grab the last Lemon & Lime Donut, and also a plain one. These donuts were winners, especially the one filled with lemon & lime curd! I wish that I was able to try more dishes like the French Toast and Burger, but I’m sure I’ll be there next week for more.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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Must Winebar, Highgate

At the first Perth Zomato Meet Up, I was introduced to the beautiful food at Must Winebar and their new ‘A Taste of Must’ tasting menu, celebrating the best seasonal ingredients matched with wines. On the first Tuesday of every month, one ingredient is highlighted and for this four course tasting it was the very underrated Asparagus.

The Appetiser came out first a Blue manna crab custard with asparagus tips and a prosciutto & white asparagus crostada. The crab custard was smooth and creamy, which paired perfectly with the crostada and the ‘Season of Love’ Asparagus Infused Gin Sour.

Next came a beautiful Asparagus & shallot tart tartin, mushroom foam and white wine gastrique. This was so good I had to question myself why I don’t eat Asparagus everyday. This was served with a Right Everend V ‘Industria’ Chardonnay from Margaret River, which went down smoothly with the tart.

The main was definitely a highlight dish, succulent Middle Eastern Lamb Rump with Asparagus two ways, ‘ risotto’ and raw salad shanklish with a walnut tahini. The lamb was perfectly cooked and the flavours of the walnut tahini worked very well. I’m usually not a red wine drinker, however the Rockcliffe ‘Third Reef’ Shiraz paired great with the red meat.

To end every menu, there must be dessert. I was wondering how can someone put Asparagus in a dessert? But somehow the chefs at Must came up with a Chocolate ‘aero’, salted caramel ice cream and samphire dish. Samphire is a native succulent, which is also referred to as Sea Asparagus. So that’s where the asparagus came into play! With the dessert came a glass of Rockford ‘Cane Cut’ Semillon from Barossa Valley, which tasted like honey, I really enjoyed it!

Overall, an amazing job by Must! Thanks to head chef and owner, Russell and Grace from Zomato for organising this lovely night. I look forward to returning for another ‘A Taste of Must’ night.

For those of you who are interested, the next dates are:

  • Tuesday 10th November - Egg
  • Tuesday 1st December - Cherry
  • Tuesday 5th January - Cheese

Rating: 9 out of 10

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McDonald's Create Your Taste Pop-Up Restaurant

I never thought there would be a day where I’d write something for a fast food restaurant, like McDonalds. However, I was kindly invited to the Create Your Taste pop-up restaurant, which rolled into the Perth Food and Wine Expo between the 9th-12th October.

The staff were super friendly and helpful with ordering, I got to taste their new grilled Chicken option which was delicious. I normally find Chicken burgers quite dry, but I found this one tender and juicy. The hard part is that I’m indecisive and there are more than 30 options to have in your burger.

Create Your Taste Chicken burgers will be available at McDonald’s restaurants from the 21st October. Thanks so much to Luke and McDonald’s for having me!

Disclaimer: Although I was invited to dine at this restaurant, the views and opinions presented are 100% my own thoughts.

Rabbit In The Moon, North Fremantle

Upon arriving at Rabbit In The Moon, I immediately fell in love with their cute decor and the feeling of open space created by the glass panels. The café sits close to the Swan River, which means you have a good view on a sunny day if you pick the right place to sit. Their breakfast menu is served up to 2:30pm, so it’s a great cafe choice if you enjoy sleeping in.

This Friday morning I dined with Dan and his mum, to start off we ordered a few drinks an Iced Americano ($5.50), some Cappuccinos ($4) and a Mixed Berries, Pear and Apple Juice Blend ($6).

For breakfast, I had my eye on the Kaya Waffle ($18), which they recently added onto the Spring Menu. The waffle is American style, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle just how I enjoy it. Served with sweet maple syrup, kaya puree (a Malaysian pandan coconut jam), mascarpone, popping candy and fresh seasonal fruits. Such a pretty dish!

Dan being a big eater went for the Rabbit’s Full Breakfast ($22), this included some pork chipolatas, poached eggs, garlic tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, bacon and two slices of organic sourdough toast.

His mum decided on the Baked Eggs ($17.50), cooked Huevos rancheros style and served with two slices of organic sourdough. The eggs were baked with a mixture of chorizo, fetta cheese and mildly spicy capsicum tomato sauce, which she really enjoyed because of the spiciness.

Location wise, the café sits in a more residential area with some easy to find free parking on that Friday morning. All the drinks came out around the same time, which were followed by the food and the service was very friendly. Would love to come back here to try the lunch menu, they have a delicious sounding Bulgogi Burger between 12pm to 2:30pm!

Rating: 7 out of 10

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Zen Japanese Restaurant, Subiaco

Looking for a Japanese place in Subiaco, a few friends and I decided to visit Zen Japanese based on a suggestion by The Food Forager. Thankfully, this place didn’t disappoint us and I thoroughly enjoyed the super fresh sashimi and other dishes that night.

When we first entered the restaurant there was no one inside besides the owner/chef and one waitress. Typically this isn’t a sign of good food, however my theory was wrong. We started off with Beef Tataki ($14.80) and some Salt & Pepper Squid ($12.80). The beef was tender, served with a ponzu sauce and garlic chips. The squid rings, were served with a wasabi mayo dipping sauce and was seasoned very well.

For mains we decided to share the Large Assorted Sashimi ($36.80) and the Zen Spider Roll ($17.80), which is a soft shell crab sushi roll. To our surprise the colourful sushi and sashimi came out on a large boat, 10/10 for presentation!

We also had some cooked dishes, the Grilled King Fish Wings ($15.80) and Beef Fillet Steak ($29.80). The wings were soft and flake, while the beef was cooked perfectly to medium rare, where it was still pink in the middle. It was also served with lots of vegetables and sauce, super satisfying with a bowl of warm Japanese rice.

Before we headed out, the waitress stopped us to give us some complimentary dessert, a sweet and creamy Panna Cotta. Overall, the pricing was reasonable for the quality of the food and the service was lovely. Looking forward to returning for more fresh off the boat sashimi!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 

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Babylon Cafe, Leederville

Hidden behind a rug store in the heart of Leederville, Babylon café is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee. I love their rustic wooden furniture and little touches like their Aztec patterned cushions as well as the bright blue front door.

Arriving a few minutes early for a meeting, I decided to grab a Chicken Toastie and a small Flat White. The toastie was on a Rye and Sunflower seed bread which was crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside with a generous filling of chicken, sweet mustard pickles, mayonnaise and cheese.

The two guys behind the counter were also super friendly! Glad I found this little gem, it’s a perfect place to hideaway in Leederville.

Rating: 7 out of 10   

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James Parker Sushi & Sake, Northbridge

IMG_7520_Fotor My boyfriend's favourite cuisine is Japanese, so for his 21st  birthday I organised a dinner at James Parker in Northbridge for him and some friends. The venue’s interior is modern with Japanese accents, and features a great sushi bar to sit and watch the chefs prepare your meal. They also have an extensive list of Japanese beers, spirits and wines, perfect for a birthday celebration.

The staff were very attentive and helpful throughout the night. We started with a few drinks and after hearing their recommendations we also ordered a few entrees, sushi rolls and other a la carte dishes.

For entrees we ordered the Wagyu Beef Tataki ($19), which is seared wagyu beef with ponzu sauce and some crispy deep fried topping. I preferred this over the other entrée of Fresh Tuna Aburi ($20), which is seared tuna slices with vegetable and ponzu sauce. IMG_7467_FotorIMG_7486_Fotor

From the a la carte menu we ordered Eggplant Dengaku ($15) which is deep fried eggplant with a miso sauce. We also shared a simple Lotus, edamame, aburaage salad ($15) with mixed greens and deep fried bean curd.IMG_7490_FotorIMG_7488_Fotor

Sashimi is one of my favourite things ever and James Parker’s fresh fish didn’t disappoint. We decided to share the Assorted Sashimi ($46) between us, which included a variety of eight different types of seafood. I really enjoyed the raw scallop and uni!


From the Sushi Bar, we ordered the Aburi Salmon Roll ($19), Eel Dragon Roll ($20), Volcano Roll ($20) and Soft Shell Crab Spider Roll ($20). The most delicious out of the four was definitely the Volcano roll, which had seared scallops, fish roe and a creamy sauce.


We also ordered some Mushroom Tempura ($19), which had four different types of mushrooms coated in a light tempura batter; shiitake, shimeji, maitake and oyster mushroom. We also has some Gyoza ($10), perfect little pork filled dumplings, simply delicious.

IMG_7516_FotorIMG_7465_FotorOther dishes we shared but aren’t worth too much of a mention are the Karaage with oroshi ponzu ($16) and Grilled Miso Pork ($16). I would say these dishes were average, so stick with the sushi rolls and sashimi when you come to James Parker.


For desserts we chose the Shiratama uji kintoki ($8), shaved matcha ice with mochi balls, red bean and green tea sauce. Also, the Yukimi daifuku ($8) which are two pieces of mochi filled with ice cream and covered in peanut powder. IMG_7524_Fotor


We had such an enjoyable evening and it was nice to try the variety of dishes James Parker had on offer. Throughout the night the service was excellent, and the fresh seafood dishes were great. Can’t wait to try more!

Rating: 7 out of 10

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The Old Crow, Northbridge

IMG_5805 Situated in a renovated heritage house on Newcastle Street, there is a great vibe which matches The Old Crow’s American Soul filled menu. This was my second time visiting the restaurant and this time it was for a midweek dinner with my fellow eating partners in crime Htet (@hmaphotos), Josh (@joshgetsfat), Cathy ( and Michelle (@thefoodforager).

Over ordering is something we’re quite familiar with, this time we started with Crispy Piggy Bits, Hot Sauce, Celery, Blue Cheese ($10) and Brussel Spouts, Chilli Jam, Pine Nuts, Buttermilk ($10) from the ‘Snacks’ section of the menu. The piggy bits were a bit of a miss for some, I enjoyed them, however I probably wouldn’t order this again. On the other hand, the brussel spouts are deliciously charred, full of flavour and a little bit spicy.


IMG_5773They also gave us some complementary Sourdough Bread, which came with a lovely creamy and sweet fennel butter. I love free bread!


Then came the smaller plates, the Cauliflower Ravioli, Cavolo Nero, Almonds, Parmesan ($16.50) and Duck Parfait, Smoked Rhubarb, Charred Bread ($16.50). The ravioli filling had a delicious creamy texture and strong cauliflower flavour. But, I would have to say my favourite dish is the rich and smooth duck parfait spread on the toast with a bit of smoked rhubarb. A definite must order!



We also ordered the Smoked Beef Short Rib, Bacon, Braised Carrots ($35) and Jerk Chicken, Cornbread, Roast Onions, Gravy ($30) from the large plates menu. The short rib had a strong smokiness and fell off the bone easily. The jerk chicken was tender but also extremely salty due to the gravy which soaked the whole dish.


IMG_5802For sides, don’t go past the Dirty Potatoes, Jalapenos, Ranch, Parmesan ($10), which are a massive serving of delicious crunchy potatoes covered in cheese, what’s not to love! I also enjoyed the Smoked Corn, Lime, Chilli, Butter, Coriander ($6), which came with two corn cobs.


IMG_5789To end the night we all tucked into a Buttermilk Pannacotta, Lemon Curd, Rhubarb, Meringue, Ice Cream ($16). Which was quite nice, however quite sweet as there was a lot of meringue bits.


The Old Crow is a great place for sharing a meal with a group of friends, if your making a trip there I recommend dining in a group of 3-6 so you can try a variety of dishes. Definitely order the dirty potatoes, brussel sprouts and duck parfait, and you won't be disappointed. However their food is quite rich so be prepared to wear your loosest pants!

Rating: 8 out of 10

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